About ME


Cory has a background in, Leadership Systems, Community Development, Industry Analysis, Network Marketing, Strategic Consulting, Executive-Individual-Corporate Coaching, and Motivational Speaking.  At the age of 21, Cory realized he was “sick and tired of living a life based on his obligations, versus a life based on his own priorities.”  Cory fell in with a leadership development company in 2008 and started his journey into the world of business. After 10 months of leadership application and learning leveraging systems, Cory began designing his life as an entrepreneur and business man. Cory has become very successful in multiple companies since then, has served on many company advisory boards, has grown as an International trainer, and has played key roles in helping companies grow from small to big. Cory has a very unique skill-set when it comes to putting companies in positions to capitalize on future innovations and new information. His commitment to building and developing people has been his mission and strongest passion and one that he will stay committed to forever.


“My biggest goal of all is to help thousands of people reach significance in their lives.”


Cory is a proud father, loving husband, and family man. He enjoys reading, golfing, boating, water skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, and really “anything extreme”.  “If your not taking risks in life then you truly aren’t living.


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