POOR- P.assing O.ver O.pportunities R.epeatedly !!!

When is the last time you thought, “I’m Poor?” Sad but true a lot of us are thinking this way on a daily basis. It seems that we have created a culture with the “POOR ME” attitude. We all think of ourselves as a victim of the economy, and we just assume that that’s just the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it. We suffer paycheck to paycheck waiting for life to get better. The problem is, that it isn’t going to get better, it’s going to get worse. Guess why??? Cause YOU ARE POOR!!! Bold statment huh? What I meant to say was, “you are PASSING OVER OPPORTUNITIES REPEATEDLY!” America, time has come and time has gone. What are you going to do tomorrow that will enhance the quality of your life? The opportunities that are available to us today are “BY FAR” greater than they ever have been. The problem is that we are stuck in the mindset of “Industrial Age Thinking.” Sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but, “THE INDUSTRIAL AGE IS GONE,” those jobs that are going over seas are NEVER coming back. We have rapidly shifted into the information age and with that comes enormous OPPORTUNITY! DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE AND MISS OUT ON THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS BEING MADE IN THE INFORMATION AGE!!!! FIND YOUR SHIP, AND SET THE SAIL!!!!

God Bless, Cory

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About Cory R. Kromray

Cory has a background in, Leadership Systems, Entrepreneurial/Self-Directed Education, Community Building, Industry Analysis, Network Marketing, LIFE Coaching, and Motivational Speaking. At the age of 22, Cory realized he was “sick and tired of living a life based on his obligations, versus a life based on his own priorities.” Cory fell in with a leadership development company called Team in 2008 and started his journey in the Network Marketing Industry. After 10 months of leadership application and learning the systems of network marketing Cory left his job never to return to work again. Cory has become very successful in multiple companies since then and has grown as a national industry trainer and mentor. Cory is destined yet again to help thousands of people reach significance in their lives. Cory is an avid reader, golfer, adventurist, loves boating, water skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, and really “anything extreme”. ”I live my life one day at a time with one focus in mind, MY DREAM. My intentions for the near future are to become one of the most admired Leaders in the Community Building Industry, standing along side some of the most courageous men and women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. “My biggest dream of all, is to be known for the amount of value I’ve created into the world of leadership and to have a significant impact when it comes to maintaining our country's Freedom.” I strongly believe that in order to maintain the freedoms that we take for granted today, we must educate our neighbors and teach them how to become Entrepreneurs. - Taking the responsibility for there own future. That's how this country was founded, and that's how it shall remain free.
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