There are a lot of paths in life that we may choose. We all have our own dreams and aspirations that make us thrive. When we can come to the understanding within ourselves that we create our own reality, our dreams tend to come to fruition. We hear things like “life is what you make it” but we don’t seem to make it what we want. Instead most of us will work 40hrs per wk, for 40yrs of our life, to retire on 40% of our income. Is this the American Dream? It is sad that 95% of us live our lives based on our obligations vs our priorities. I have come to the realization that if you fight for your dreams bad enough it is impossible for you not to achieve them. When obsticles get in the way of our dreams, the majority of us will cower down to them. The reason behind this is that YOUR DREAM ISN’T BIG ENOUGH! Even when we have big dreams the lack of belief will crush you also. Whatever your mind can concieve, if you believe it, you will achieve it! I have had the privlage the last few days to experience the California lifestyle. I’m not talking about the traffic or the crazyness, I’m talking about the beauty! It has been my DREAM for as long as I can remember to own ocean front property in California, someday soon I will buy a house there and make that Dream a reality, Why? I have envisioned it for so long that I have made it a reality in my sub-concious. You may read that last line and not understand so I will emphisize. Your concious mind triggers 2,000 neurons in a second of thought. We all know what a conscious thought is… basically logic. If we called our conscious thought logic, then why would I want my conscious mind leading me? I wouldn’t! Our sub-conscious, in that same second triggers 4,000,000,000 neurons, that’s right FOUR-BILLION!!!!! If we program our sub-conscious mind and learn how to use it, there is nothing that you will not be able to achieve. Your dreams will BECOME REALITY! How do you program your sub-conscious??? Pictures, who you surround yourself with, who you let speak into your life are all major factors. If you want to be a millionaire then BE ONE! Start today, walk like a millionaire, talk like a millionaire, act like a millionaire, eventually you will believe you are a millionaire and the money will catch up.. I challenge you ladies and gentlemen, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! Do not be afraid to DREAM, conquer your obsticles and create the reality you want.

To Your Success, Cory


About Cory R. Kromray

Cory has a background in, Leadership Systems, Entrepreneurial/Self-Directed Education, Community Building, Industry Analysis, Network Marketing, LIFE Coaching, and Motivational Speaking. At the age of 22, Cory realized he was “sick and tired of living a life based on his obligations, versus a life based on his own priorities.” Cory fell in with a leadership development company called Team in 2008 and started his journey in the Network Marketing Industry. After 10 months of leadership application and learning the systems of network marketing Cory left his job never to return to work again. Cory has become very successful in multiple companies since then and has grown as a national industry trainer and mentor. Cory is destined yet again to help thousands of people reach significance in their lives. Cory is an avid reader, golfer, adventurist, loves boating, water skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, and really “anything extreme”. ”I live my life one day at a time with one focus in mind, MY DREAM. My intentions for the near future are to become one of the most admired Leaders in the Community Building Industry, standing along side some of the most courageous men and women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. “My biggest dream of all, is to be known for the amount of value I’ve created into the world of leadership and to have a significant impact when it comes to maintaining our country's Freedom.” I strongly believe that in order to maintain the freedoms that we take for granted today, we must educate our neighbors and teach them how to become Entrepreneurs. - Taking the responsibility for there own future. That's how this country was founded, and that's how it shall remain free.
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